SOPHOS | Managed Threat Response

Tenha uma equipa de especialistas, 24 horas por dia, 7 dias por semana, dedicada à procura, deteção e resposta a possíveis ameaças

SOPHOS | Managed Threat Response

Uma solução que vai além do Endpoint

O Managed Threat Response é uma solução preparada para reconhecer e detetar possíveis ameaças constantemente.

Garanta que as ameaças são sempre geridas, em tempo real, por uma equipa especializada, para uma melhor proteção dos dados da sua empresa.

Uma solução que une a tecnologia às análises especializadas para melhorar a procura e deteção de possíveis ameaças, com ações para neutralizar as mesmas.

Vantagens do Sophos MTR

Controle quais as medidas que devem ser tomadas pela equipa especializada

Receba relatórios mensais e semanais sobre o estado de segurança da sua empresa

Saiba sempre que é detetada uma ameaça e descubra como pode responder

Tenha sempre presente todas as medidas de contenção e neutralização que foram tomadas pela equipa

Complete Control and Transparency

We do the work, but you own the decisions. This means you control how and when potential incidents are escalated, what response actions (if any) you want us to take, and who should be included in communications. Weekly and monthly reports let you know what is happening in your environment and what steps have been taken to keep you safe.


We notify you about the detection and provide details to help you with prioritization and response.


We work with your internal team or external point(s) of contact to respond to the detection.


We handle containment and neutralization actions and inform you of the action(s) taken.

Take Action Against Threats With a Dedicated Team of Response Experts

Sophos MTR arms you with a highly-trained team of threat hunters and response experts who:

Hunt icon   Proactively hunt for and validate potential threats and incidents
scope-icon   Use all available information to determine the scope and severity of threats
threats-icon    Apply the appropriate business context for valid threats
neutralize-icon   Initiate actions to remotely disrupt, contain, and neutralize threats
compass-icon   Provide actionable advice for addressing the root cause of recurring incidents
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Machine-Accelerated Human Response

Built on our Intercept X Advanced with EDR technology, Sophos MTR fuses machine learning technology and expert analysis for improved threat hunting and detection, deeper investigation of alerts, and targeted actions to eliminate threats with speed and precision.

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The Capabilities of a Modern SOC Delivered as a Fully-Managed Service

Sophos MTR features two service tiers (Standard and Advanced) to provide a comprehensive set of capabilities for organizations of all sizes and maturity levels.

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Experiencing an active cyber attack?

If you need immediate assistance but are not already a Sophos MTR customer, we can still help. With Sophos Rapid Response, we get you out of the danger zone fast with our 24/7 team of incident response experts. Onboarding starts within hours, and the majority of customers are triaged in 48 hours.

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Machine Learning

High-Fidelity Detection

We combine deterministic and machine learning models to spot suspicious behaviors and the tactics, techniques, and procedures used by the most advanced adversaries.


Elite Expertise

Our highly-trained team of threat hunters, engineers, and ethical hackers has your back 24/7, investigating anomalous behavior and taking action against threats.

Proactive defense

Proactive Defense

Combining threat intelligence with newly-discovered indicators of compromise identified through threat hunts, Intercept X proactively protects your environment.


Outcome-Focused Security™

Every hunt, investigation, and response action results in decision-driving data that is to enhance configurations and automated detection capabilities.

Beyond the Endpoint

To have the most complete picture of a customer’s environment, analysts need the broadest range of telemetry to ensure they have both the visibility and context to provide the absolute best protection. Sophos MTR goes beyond the endpoint adding in telemetry from other sources including network data, and cloud data. By extending visibility MTR operators can enrich endpoint investigations, better detect suspicious activity, and quickly neutralize active threats.

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